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List of Companies with Unlimited Paid Time Off

List of Companies with Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO)

The company that I currently work for offers unlimited paid time off (PTO) and recently my entire team took a week off together to recharge and avoid burnout. This has helped me to be the most productive that I have been so far in my career and I wanted to help others find jobs with unlimited paid time off if that interests them.

Because of that, I wrote a web scraper with the python programming language to come up with a list of Fortune 1000 companies that offer unlimited paid time off.

Here is the list of companies that offer Unlimited Paid Time Off if you are interested in working for a company that offers flexible vacation time. I only searched the Fortune 1000 companies and found 25 that offer unlimited PTO.

  1. GE
  2. Motorola Solutions
  3. Honeywell
  4. Lumen
  5. Tech Data
  6. Avnet
  7. Oracle
  8. Arrow Electronics
  9. Guardian Life
  10. Principal Financial Group
  11. Interpublic Group
  12. Baker Hughes
  13. Mattel
  14. Lexmark International
  15. Cox Communications
  16. WESCO International
  17. Big Lots
  18. Qualcomm
  19. Advance Auto Parts
  20. Herman Miller
  21. Fiserv
  22. Beazer Homes
  23. Allergan
  24. Lam Research
  25. Cadence Design Systems

For an important disclaimer, please do your independent research before accepting a job at any of these companies because it's possible that they could have changed their policies. Also, some of these companies only offer unlimited PTO for employees that are salaried or have been with the company for a certain number of years. ,While unlimited vacation days can be a great benefit, it's important to also try to find a job that you will enjoy.

Lastly, this was an experiment to help me learn more about web scraping and the python programming language. In particular I was working to learn more about asynchronous programming with Python. If you are a nerd and want to see the code I used to generate this list, check out the repository here.

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