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Front End Side Projects To Code

Front End Side Projects To Code

If you are like me, you remain strongly curious about the latest javascript flavors of the day. I was maintaining an angular application when it seemed like monthly a new version was released with breaking changes and a feature I wanted to implement. Vue 3 was just released, and I want to get my hands dirty with their typescript support and try out the composition API. I haven't even tried Svelte yet and it might be the next big thing (in a few years) that businesses start their greenfield projects with.

There is always a ton to learn. The best way to learn is to build something.

This post gives a few ideas that are things I enjoy building to learn new tech, outside of the boring todo app.

Line of business apps

What is sexier than line of business apps? Joking aside, I have found that tools that my team use regularly for bug tracking, productivity, etc serve for great front end projects to build. Two that I enjoy building are a bug tracker and/or kanban board.

An Anything Marketpalce

I thought about buying some vending machines for a side business a while ago. It made me think, what if there was an app for companies willing to host a vending machine that connected them with local vending machine owner operators? Then I thought, why not build an app for that?

If there is a need for that app, why not build a marketplace app that connects sellers with buyers for sod, bouncy houses, or anything that can be rented.


I built an app to keep track of my runs when I was running a lot. I also built an app that would track my climbs when I was climbing and learning react. Why not build an app that tracks hikes, skiing, knitting, books read, or anything you enjoy doing? You enjoy the activity so that will make coding it more fun.

An Income Generator

I have found these to be by far the most challenging apps to code, or even think of. However, if you have a side business idea or want to put together an MVP to see if you can market a product, why not use this as an opportunity to learn a new technology?

So there you have it

There are 4 types of apps that could be built, each of which have tons of ideas. A todo app will only get you so far. Once you have your todos performing all of the CRUD tasks... what new features are you going to build? How long are you going to commit to that project? Probably not long. The app ideas above all can include authorization, state management, routing, and even data persistance if you want and are interesting and fun to build.

Are there other apps you enjoy building to learn new tech? Let me know! I would love to hear them.

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