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Best Software Development Podcasts in 2021

Best Software Development Podcasts in 2021

In this post I talk about how important it is to stay current and constantly be learning, building and improving. One great way to do that is by following software developer podcasts.

Without further ado ...

Here is my curated list of the best software developer podcasts in 2021

The Dev Team

They are new and always have a great news segment and a word of the day. It's aimed at junior developers but I've been in the field for some time now and find it relevant and always learn something.

Indie Hackers

This has been one of my top listened to podcasts for years. It's less focused on programming and more focused on entrepeneurship. They often have developers on to talk about their businesses. It's a great place to learn about and come up with ideas of profitable internet businesses.

.Net Rocks

While I would consider myself primarily a javascript developer these days, I still spend a lot of time working in .NET and the Microsoft/C# ecosystem. I have learned a ton from these guys about new technology coming out that they have tried and their guests.

Developer Tea

I don't listen to this one as much anymore, but it's actually a great podcast. It's also less focused on code and technology and more about being in the dev position. They talk more about the emotional side of being a developer.

Coding Blocks

This one absolutely rules. The reason that this became a favorite quickly was because of their episodes where they break down some of what I believe to be the best software development books. Check out their episodes where they break down The Devops Handbook, Clean Code, and Clean Architecture, and The Pragmatic Programmer. While you are at it, get yourself a copy of these books. I plan on doing a list of the best software development books and these books will absolutely be on that list. I have read them and think every developer can benefit from them.

Simple Programmer

This podcast is another that focuses more on soft skills than technical skills. He talks about mental toughness, why you need a blog as a programmer (like I spoke about here), building passive income, if you should learn more than one language, etc. He tries to sell some of his own expensive courses which is a little obnoxious but I think it's a great podcast where he also gives away a lot of useful free information.

Front End Happy Hour

This one is a lot of soft skills as well, though they will talk about some tech too. These are some devs that work at FAANG and other top companies and their insights being front end devs there. Lately, I have been doing a ton of front end work and this has been a great and useful listen.

Are you a developer? Do you enjoy coding podcasts?Let me know which ones if I forgot or didn’t mention them here. I might not know about them and would like to.

If you haven’t heard some of these, I hope you will enjoy them.

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